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About We Ruum

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We Ruum's co-creation concept was born from a need for a one-stop shop for all staging, interior design, architectural planning, project management, vendor management, and construction management for functional, multi-generational living, and personality-driven design and architecture.

Our CEO, Irena Gelfand, is entrepreneurial, business savvy, and creative. Her work in human-centered, experiential design helped define modern human-centered innovation, influencing the rise of ergonomic product design and architecture.

The award-winning, academically trained designer and product engineer takes her knowledge to the next level of interior design and green, sustainable, and energy-efficient home construction. 

Irena makes any space functional, cohesive, personal, sellable, or rentable, regardless of size or condition. Read more >>

Would you like us to make your dream home a reality using green and sustainable products and materials?

Our structures have high R-value, are Energy efficient, and withstand fires, hurricanes, and earth quicks. We work well with different budget types and create luxury on your terms.

We would love to hear from you. /


Ilinois / Florida / California

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