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Colors and Trends 2023

The 2023 color trends are all about light and shade, offering us an opportunity for self-expression on the far ends of the spectrum.

Pastel Colors

It is calming, with pastel colors and patterns, cool colors, calming and approachable environments, echoing the 70s vibe.

Patterns, shapes, and colors influenced by fashion

Geometric designs, streetwear, pleated skirts, blazers from the 70s, and dresses from the mid-century modern in pastel colors influence interior design trends.

Metal colors and concrete textures

The brutalist, industrial interior design elements support mid-century modern style. You can see it in the contemporary geometric light fixtures, concrete sinks and countertops, organic, nontoxic clay, and limestone wall colors that add depth and organic raw texture.


Warm wood textures and colors balance the brutality of concrete and metal, keeping the pallet organic and sustainable. You can use wood for floors, furniture, and even light fixtures. Wood-like tile is an excellent choice for floors and cladding if you live in a hot and humid climate zone.

Warm Mediterranean

The warm Mediterranean tones continue to impress in 2023 and directly correlate with the monochromatic pastel colors.

The warm and calming hues create a canvas for bold colors to stand out. Using bold art and colorful accessories will compliment the natural palette. White or cream furniture will complement the warm browns and provide a sense of balance to any interior.

Undersaturated earth tones

These tones became a staple for organic, calming, and clean interior design. I integrated undersaturated earth tones and warm Mediterranean tones in my residence. I leave and breeze colors every day at work. Having a clean and calming palette helps me unwind after a long day at work.

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